4 Items to send home with your patients

When a patient has a good experience at your practice, you don’t want them to forget about it. So we put together a short checklist of items to send home with your patients that will help them to engage with and remember you, even when it has been weeks since their last adjustment.

1. Referral Cards- Word-of-mouth can be your most powerful marketing tool, so you want to encourage your patients to “Share Your Good Care” and invite someone they care about to your practice. Be sure to check laws in your State when deciding on an offer to entice newly referred patients. Many states have restrictions. For example, most states require that insurance-using patients get the same offer as cash-paying patients. See a video and sample of a referral card by Mike Hamilton, Inception Chiropractic Websites owner.

2. Contact information- Be sure your patient knows how they can engage with you outside of the practice. A small card or card-sized magnet with contact information (ex. Phone, your personal email, social media accounts, etc.) will ensure that they can easily contact you if they have a question.

3. Samples or treats- People love free stuff, so sending patients off with some free goodies can help extend the positive feelings your patients have after a successful adjustment. Ask your supplement and healthy lifestyle providers for some samples. Be sure what you give to patients is age or gender appropriate. In the near future, PulStar plans to offer samples of our Essential Elements Lotion.  Click here to learn more.

4. Appointment Summary/ Care instructions- Patients can easily forget what happened in their appointment, and they can get lax with any exercises or care instructions that you may have given them. Sending them home with this information makes it more likely that they will remember the appointment, any “homework” you may have given them, and they will also remember when they are due for their next appointment. Click here to read more about PulStar’s automated patient reports.

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