RCT shows PulStar is pain-free for patient and doctor

In a costly study conducted independently from Sense Technology, researchers proved the effectiveness of the PulStar when compared to acupressure and verify its ability to lengthen and improve the careers of doctors.

“Clinical Observation of the PulStar Multiple Impulse Device in Treatment of Acute Lumbar Strain,” conducted by researchers at the Jingxi Nanfang Hospital in China, was published in China Medicine in July 2017. The study involved 60 patients with acute lumbar strain: 30 in the control group and 30 who were treated by the PulStar.

This particular Randomized Controlled Trial concludes: A) The PulStar displayed better results than acupressure, the researchers’ standard method, after just one treatment. B) The PulStar was increasingly more effective than acupressure in relieving pain as the patient visits increased. C) The PulStar treatments were pain-free. The fact that the researchers used the RCT method makes this information even more valuable, as the RCT is considered the “Gold Standard” for clinical studies.

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With the PulStar, you get clinically-proven assurance that your treatment is effective for your patients, and the added benefit of less wear and tear on your body, lengthening your career.

This Chinese RCT clinical study is one of four recent international clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the PulStar. Visit our Research page to learn more.

Watch the video below as Dr. Evans discusses our clinical studies.

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