1987Dr. Joseph Evans, developer of the PulStar system, designed the Model 115 Precision Adjustor, which was presented at the 1987 at the Las Vegas Conference of Chiropractors and Pediatric Chiropractors.
1989Sense Technology, Inc., makers of PulStar™ musculoskeletal innovations, is incorporated.
1993The first version of today’s PulStar multiple impulse technology system is released.
TodayThe benefits to visiting a PulStar doctor will become apparent to you after just one visit. The computerized analysis graph produced by the PulStar is easily understandable to both doctors and patients, the gentle impulses of the pulsating tool replace the need for traditional heavier force manual adjustments, and the entire process is completely painless with no twisting, turning, cracking or popping.

Dr. Joseph EvansAbout Dr. Joseph Evans, PulStar inventor.

Dr. Evans returned from Vietnam in 1967 and decided to finish his PhD thesis at CMU. He became head of the Bio Systems Instrumentations Group at Westinghouse. Eventually Dr. Evans became dedicated to providing medical instruments for the chiropractic field, and Sense Technology Inc., the makers of PulStar, was founded in 1989. Dr. Evan’s goal was to provide chiropractors with a new treatment method grounded completely in technology and science, lending the provability of science to a field that is often questioned.

After more than 25 years of providing “help for healing hands,” there are certain factors that remain constant. PulStar is ahead of the curve in the development of chiropractic tools. It is constantly innovating using scientific research, which lends predictability and provable results to PulStar products. And PulStar employees are every bit as dedicated to the products and the company as ever. “What we do is exciting because it affects so many lives,” says Dr. Evans. “With the PulStar instrument, we’ve been able to treat and get hundreds of thousands of people out of pain quickly. That, to us, is a remarkable achievement.”