PulStar DCs: This is why you treat low back pain with the PulStar!

Get the clinical that found the PulStar to be effective in treating low back pain

“Multiple Impulse Therapy in the Assessment of Paraspinal Muscle Tone in Patients with Low Back Pain,” conducted by researchers at the Medical University of Łódź in Poland, was published in Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja in August 2016.

As a PulStar DC, you understand what makes PulStar multiple impulse therapy so special, but this “special something” is now becoming evident beyond the chiropractic profession and around the world.

In fact, at the conclusion of this study, the authors found, “Multiple Impulse Therapy (MIT) is an effective and non-invasive method of back pain treatment. MIT significantly reduces paraspinal muscle tone, as confirmed by sEMG results.”

Read the full study so that you can share it with your patients (and earn referrals)!

This Polish clinical study, which was conducted independently of PulStar and Sense Technology, is one of four recent international clinical studies that found the PulStar to be effective. Visit our Research page to learn more.

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