PulStar Seminars 2014

Come see us in Pittsburgh to get hands-on and learn all about the PulStar and the latest protocol advances.  Dr. Stephen Savoie will be presenting the Level I & II protocols with the latest changes updates.  Dr. Stevan Walton will be presenting the latest Level III & IV concepts.  Get your PulStar Certification Saturday night and enjoy dinner with the whole Sense Technology Team!  See the latest enhancements to the PulStar including the NEW Myofascial mode!

Sense Technology has brought together the leading authorities to provide you with cutting edge solutions that you can apply to the PulStar system today including great ways to market your instrument practice.  Register now!


Former NIH Principal Investigator, head of Medical Systems of the Westinghouse Research Laboratories and currently CEO/Head of Research of Sense Technology Inc., Dr. Joseph M. Evans, will present the current state of the PulStar System and introduce the latest features of the Software.


Dr. Stephen Savoie, DABCO,Past President, Northern Star Health Associates, Currently owner of Chiropractic One of Clermont, Professional Publications Reviewer, Former Director of Programs at Palmer Institute for Professional Advancement, Former Director of Continuing Education at Palmer Chiropractic University, Former System Director, New Program Development and Off Campus Seminars at Palmer Chiropractic University System.  Dr. Savoie will present the Level I & II protocols.

Dr. Walton

Dr. Stevan Walton, FICC was formerly the Chairman, Principles and Practices Dept. Cleveland Chiropractic College, L.A. and is currently in Private Practice, Maui, 1987 to present, as well as Director of Clinical Development,  Sense Technology, Inc. Dr. Walton will be presenting Level III & IV protocols.

maggio1 med

Dr. James Maggio is currently in private practice and a marketing coach who has helped many doctors around the country grow their practices using computerized instrument adjusting systems. Dr. Maggio will be presenting the latest information on how to market the PulStar system both inside as well as outside of your practice.

  • Review the Basics
  • Study the level I PA Analysis, Adjusting Protocols
  • Study the Level II Positional Adjusting Protocols
  • Study the Level III Extremity Adjusting Protocols
  • Study the Level IV Asymmetric Adjusting Protocols
  • Get Certified to level II, III or IV
  • Get updated marketing and referral ideas to promote your practice
  • Get a FREE copy of the latest PulStar software ($500.00 value)
  • See the next generation of the PulStar & Future Development

Upcoming Seminars and Events:

  • Las Vegas, NV          February 15th - Level I & II Seminar
  • Pittsburgh PA            July 26-27th 2014 - 2 Day Seminar Certification Avail

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