PulStar Precision Adjuster

PulStar Precision Adjuster

The new and improved PulStar Precision AdjusterTM has taken the older technology and thrust it into the 21st century!  Now doctors have the option of using the amazingly innovative PulStar True ImpulseTM technology to easily adjust the patient after applying their own methods to analyze and diagnose the patient's primary problem.  The PulStar Precision Adjuster gives you all of the adjusting benefits of the bigger more expensive PulStar system at a fraction of the price.  This includes the Sweep function for soft tissue work, as well as the original Auto-Rate technology and a large display to show the doctor exactly what is happening while they adjust the patient in real time.

•Online Learning Center (Sync it with your iPod!) •Extended Software Maintenance
•Access to PulStar Doctors only Online Forum •Front Desk Computer
•1st Basic Seminar •Future Health Documentation & Billing
•Level 1 Certification •Soft Tissue attachments (4)
•Loaner Program - Limited Downtime! •Second Impulse Head
•Marketing Program •Level 2, 3 & 4 Certification
•Marketing Resources (i.e. Logo, Pictures, Movies...) •Patient Education System
•Set of 5 Attachments (3 Dual Prongs, 2 Single Prongs) •Portable Case and Laptop with Purchase of Positional System
•Single Button Impulse Head •3 Button Impulse Head with Ergonomic Design
•1-year hardware warranty (includes parts and labor) •Patient Functional Analysis & Improvement Assessment
•1-year Software Maintenance •Pain Relief Tracking
•200 Patient Brochures •Personalized Marketing Support
•Published Research Papers •Television Commercials
•Patient Database
•Screening Program
•Front Desk Program
•Wireless Networking Built-in
•Front Office Loop DVD



Software System Requirements

Apple:   Windows(Front Desk Program Only):
Mac OS X 10.5 or greater Windows 2000 SP4 or greater including VISTA
1 Ghz Intel Processor or greater 1 Ghz Intel processor or greater
512 Megs of RAM or greater 1 Gig of RAM or greater
1 Gig of RAM recommended 2 Gig RAM recommended
200 Megs free space 300 Megs free space
Minimum resolution 1280x800 Minimum resolution 1280x800

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