Three essential no-cost tips to obtaining and maintaining happy patients

james-maggio-3Dr. James Maggio graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic in 1995 and currently practices in Virginia Beach, VA. He is also a PulStar certified trainer with a passion for all things chiropractic, including practice marketing.

According to Dr. Maggio, the three phases of internal practice marketing that lead to happy patients are:

Your mouth, your staff’s mouths and your patient’s mouth.

Step 1: Your Mouth

 As a practicing chiropractor, the first step to maintaining patient satisfaction is to first find out what a patient is hoping to achieve before moving forward with a treatment plan. Are they hoping to achieve relief, stabilization or overall wellness? Watch the How to use PulStar to measure patient improvement video to learn why this is an important first step, and see how this step can be enhanced through the use of PulStar post-scans.

Once your patient has determined a set of treatment goals, you must then thoroughly explain each step of the treatment plan, allowing the patient to ask questions or voice concerns along the way. It may be helpful to develop a set of scripts for how your prescribed treatment can correct specific conditions, so that you are more prepared for any questions that may arise.

Step 2: Your Staff’s Mouths

Your staff must understand and be able to explain your treatment methods, your practice’s policies and be able to answer all patient questions. Be sure to quiz your staff on a semi-regular basis, and provide them with any updates or changes to your methods as they arise.

Maggio New Patient Form-1Download Dr. Maggio’s Staff Script

Get the form/script that Dr. Maggio’s staff uses to help address new patients’ concerns.

Download Script

Step 3: Your Patient’s Mouth

Dr. Maggio believes that a patient is more likely to be satisfied and refer their friends if they understand the treatment so well that they can actually explain it to someone else.

Watch the video Conversations to Stimulate Referrals to see how Dr. Maggio initiates conversations with his patients to gauge how well they understand their treatment and the PulStar method.

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